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Oh, how they grow so fast! No longer a newborn, no longer a baby. You now have a toddler on your hands! Toddlers are amazing little people. Everything in their world fascinates them and frustrates them at the same time. They yearn to be so independent, yet still need a lot of guidance from you as they try to overcome many hurdles such as potty training, giving up a pacifier, drinking from a regular cup, and learning how to do a little thing called sharing when playing with others. And do we even need to mention the temper tantrums?

Toddlers are very me-centered in that they truly believe the world revolves around them. When you understand the world from a toddler's perspective, it is so much easier to translate their needs and wants. Patience, patience, patience. It takes a lot of patience when dealing with your little toddler.

I have compiled a list of articles below that are related to toddler care, toddler health, toddler safety, toddler growth and development, and toddler issues. These articles will help prepare you for this new leg of your journey. Remember chin up, deep breath, and dive in to toddler world. There is nothing better than seeing the sparkle in your toddler's eyes when you connect in so many new ways.


1. Tips For Safe Bathing

Highlights: Read these tips to keep your little toddler safe during bath time.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. Tooth Care For Toddlers

Highlights: Read this article to answer questions such as:
What's the best way to brush my child's teeth?
When should I let my toddler start brushing his own teeth?
What should I do if my child won't brush?
When does my child need fluoride and how can I tell if he's getting the right amount?
When should I start taking my child to the dentist?
Website: BabyCenter.com

3. Parents Say: When Your Child Hates Haircuts

Highlights: Toddlers often have a fear of getting their hair cut and this article will help you figure out how to address those fears and help your toddler enjoy the experience of getting a haircut.
Website: BabyCenter.com

4. Feeding Problems and Concerns

Hightlights: This link will take you to several articles that relate to different feeding problems such as bad table manners, refusal to eat, being a picky eater, and food jags.
Website: BabyCenter.com

5. Age-by-Age Guide to Feeding Your Toddler

Hightlights: Ever wonder what and how much to feed your toddler? This guide will help you sort it all out by age group for toddlers 12-18 months, 18-24 months, and 24-36 months.
Website: BabyCenter.com

6. How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Highlights: Do you know how many hours of total sleep per day your child should be getting? Check out this chart to see if your child is getting enough sleep.
Website: BabyCenter.com

7. The ABCs of Toilet Training

Hightlights: Both you and your toddler must be ready for potty training in order to be successful. If you both are, then read this article to find out how to achieve success.
Website: BabyCenter.com

8. Toilet Training Details

Highlights: Use this link to access many articles related to toilet training. You will find information about toilet training for boys, for girls, how to handle accidents, public bathrooms, and much more.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Doctor Visits

Highlights: Find out what to expect at your toddler's next doctor's visit and what immunizations you can expect him to be given.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. First Aid

Highlights: Toddlers are very curious and very adventurous causing them to get into many accidents that may result in minor injuries. It is always helpful to know some first aid to be able to deal with these situations.
Website: BabyCenter.com

3. A-to-Z Guide to Illnesses & Injuries

Highlights: This comprehensive guide provides links to articles about all types of illnesses and injuries from A to Z.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Childproofing Checklist: Toddlers and Beyond

Highlights: Go through this checklist to find out if your home is safe for your toddler now that he can get into just about anything and climb up anywhere.

2. Poison-Proofing Your Home

Highlights: This article discusses how to protect your toddler from poisonous substances as well as what to do in case your toddler does come in contact with or ingest poisonous substances.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Milestone Chart: 13 to 18 Months

Highlights: Check out this chart to find out the normal milestones and development for toddlers that are around 13 to 18 months old.
Website: BabyCenter.comm

2. Milestone Chart: 19 to 24 Months

Highlights: Check out this chart to find out the normal milestones and development for toddlers that are around 19 to 24 months old.


3. Toddler Milestone: Walking

Highlights: Walking is a very exciting milestone for your toddler to reach, but do you know when and how it happens? Also, when should you be concerned if your toddler is not walking?
Website: BabyCenter.com

4. Toddler Milestone: Talking

Highlights: Your little toddler loves to communicate with you in many ways, especially through talking. Do you know when and how this develops and at what point you should be concerned?
Website: BabyCenter.com

5. Play and Activities

Highlights: Use this link to access many articles about age appropriate games and activities to do with toddlers.
Website: BabyCenter.com

6. Behavior Problems

Highlights: Toddlers have difficulty with self-control and as a result they either withdraw, react aggressively, or cry uncontrollably. This link will connect you with multiple articles that discuss a wide variety of behavior problems your toddler may display.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Time-Outs: How to Get Them to Work

Highlights: Trying to discipline a toddler is not always easy, but definitely necessary in order to help your toddler understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Check out this article about using the time-out technique with your toddler.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. Getting Your Toddler to Listen

Highlights: It is important to teach your toddler to listen, but it is not an easy task. Toddlers like to pick and choose when they will listen and when they won't. Read this article to find out how you can get your toddler to listen better.
Website: BabyCenter.com

3. Separation Anxiety

Highlights: Read this article to find out why toddlers often suffer from separation anxiety and how to deal with it.
Website: BabyCenter.com

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