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Newborn babies do not come with a set of instructions. That is left up to you, the parent, to figure out during your new on-the-job training, 24/7 work week. And, newborns are completely dependent on you to figure it all out in that little sleep-deprived head of yours. It can be, at times, exhausting and relentless. However, in the end, it truly is the beginning of the most rewarding journey you will be fortunate to travel in life.

We have compiled a list of websites that we feel can help you find answers to so many common questions that arise when trying to care for a newborn baby. Whether you are a first time parent or you are an old pro, it is always helpful to have information on hand about basic newborn care, newborn health, newborn safety, and newborn growth and development. These resources will help you understand your newborn's world a little better. The deeper the understanding you have, the better the care you can provide.


1. Caring for a Newborn: Tips From New Parents

Highlights: This article provides tips from new parents about how to handle the challenges of caring for newborns while adjusting to all new changes of being new parents.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. Bathing Your Newborn

Highlights: This article will help explain how to properly bathe your newborn and describes to types of baths, sponge baths and tub baths that newborns are typically given. In addition, it address bath safety issues.
Website: BabyCenter.com

3. Newborn Body Care

Highlights: This article addresses how to care for the newborn's body overall including trimming fingernails, cord care, circumcision care, and dealing with cradle cap.

4. Feeding Your Newborn

Highlights: Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it can be difficult to figure out your baby's feeding routine. This article addresses both ways of feeding as well as provides some guidelines about how much and how often to feed your newborn.


1. Healthy Habits

Highlights: This article describes how to keep your newborn healthy during those first few delicate weeks of life.

2. Newborn's Well Child Visits

Highlights: Your newborn will need several visits to the doctor for screenings and vaccinations in the first few weeks. Read about these tests and find out about the vaccination schedule.
Website: KeepKidsHealthy.com

3. How Do I...Take My Baby's Temperature?

Highlights: You want me to put that where?!? Taking your newborn's temperature is not every parent's favorite duty, but it will have to be done. This article will guide you through the process.
Website: KeepKidsHealthy.com

4. Health Issues In Your Newborn Baby
Highlights: This article addresses the many different health issues that are both normal and not normal in newborn babies.


1. Newborn Baby Safety

Highlights: Although newborn baby's seem fragile, they are very resilient. However, there are many things you can do to keep your newborn baby safe.

2. Keep Your Kids Safe

Highlights: This article addresses safety issues with car seats, cribs, and other equipment as well as keeping your newborn safe around pets. You will also find information about SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.
Website: KeepKidsHealthy.com


1. Newborn Development

Highlights: Newborns grow as such a rapid pace that it can be challenging to keep up with all the changes. This articles tells you what you can expect during the first few weeks.
Website: KeepKidsHealthy.com

2. Normal Development: Newborn

Highlights: This is an outline of the normal growth and development of a newborn during the first few weeks of life.
Website: AboutKidsHealth.com


1. Common Newborn Problems

Highlights: Here you will find links to articles about various common problems found in newborn babies.
Website: KeepKidsHealthy.com

2. How Can I...Prevent SIDS?

Highlights: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, occurs most often in infants between the ages of 1 to 4 months old. Find out how to reduce your newborns chances of developing SIDS.
Website: KeepKidsHealthy.com

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