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Just when you think you have your newborn's routine all figured out, he changes things on you. He is growing by leaps and bounds every day which means his eating and sleeping patterns will continue to change as he grows. He also spends a lot more time awake. This allows you more opportunities to play with him, talk to him, and sing to him. He will kindly show his appreciation for your time well spent by responding with smiles, coos, and giggles.

Below you will find a list of articles found on various websites that cover many topics related to infant care, infant health, infant safety, infant growth and development, and infant issues. You can use these resources to find out information, answer questions, or just satisfy curiosity. You will enjoy continuing to learn all there is to know about your infant's world, especially since it is a world that is constantly changing.


1. How to Bathe Your Baby

Highlights: How often should I bathe my baby? Where should I bathe my baby? What's the best way to give my baby a bath? These are just a few of the questions answered in this article.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. Tips For Safe Bathing

Highlights: This articles provides tips on how to keep your infant's bath time both fun and safe.
Website: BabyCenter.com

3. How to Buy: A Baby Bathtub

Highlights: This articles gives insight on choosing the right bathtub for you and your infant's needs.
Website: BabyCenter.com

4. A Guide To Infant Massage

Hightlights: Infants love to be touched. A soothing massage can be just the thing to calm a crying or fussy infant. Find out how to give your infant a relaxing massage.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Baby Symptom Guide

Highlights: Use this interactive baby symptom guide to find out what might be ailing your little one.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. Fever

Highlights: It can be confusing trying to figure out what your child's fever means, when to call the doctor, and when to medicate for fever control. Find some answers to common questions about fevers.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Childproofing Around the House

Highlights: It is extremely important to childproof your home to make your infant's environment as safe as possible. Please read how to childproof your home.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Developmental Milestones: Crawling

Highlights: Infants will mark many milestones during their development. Learn when and how crawling develops, your role, and when to be concerned.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. Developmental Milestones: Rolling Over

Highlights: It is so exciting when your infant can finally roll over either from front to back or back to front. Find out when you can expect your infant to hit this milestone.
Website: BabyCenter.com

3. Developmental Milestones: Sitting

Highlights: An infant's perpective on the world changes when he can finally sit up independently. Learn when and how this develops, what will come next, and when to be concerned if your infant does not reach this milestone by a certain age.
Website: BabyCenter.com


1. Colic: How To Cope

Highlights: This article is a must-read for parents who think their child might have colic. It will help you understand what colic is, strategies for soothing your baby, and tips on how to maintain your sanity.
Website: BabyCenter.com

2. Colic: The Basics

Highlights: Is it colic or something else? How long will it last? Should I take my baby to the doctor? These question and many others will be answered in this very helpful article.
Website: BabyCenter.com

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